Citizen Speaks

Angry statue of Liberty

We, the citizens should be consulted and allowed to vote on such increases. We have plenty of water. We live on top of an aquafir. We are NOT in Arizona. Again, we have plenty of water.

I can’t see any reason for a rate hike.

Why don’t govt officials ask the citizens? Because we will say no? Well if they know this already. They should not increase what we citizens are against.

Like it or not, majority is supposed to rule in our governmental workings and in Spokane, we are being dictated to with these rate increases, the $20 put on our automobile license fees AND now there’s talk about charging us for the mileage we dive!! NO NO NO!!!

Also, we should not have to consult and pay an arborist for us to plant trees or shrubs in our own front yards. YES there is a mandate!! You can be fined if you plant in your own front yard.

This dictatorial bashing of our citizens should be stopped.

The Red light camera penalties are also very wrong. If safety is indeed the issue, why aren’t the yellow lights lengthened? Why aren’t there controlled left turn lanes? I’ll tell you why. Becuase those were not installed for safety’s sake. They were installed to take more money from us.

They should be repealed, removed and charged to each and every member of city council who voted for them becuase they are apparently the ONLY ones who wanted them. Let them pay for the cameras and let them reimburse all the illegal tickets issued.

I want a representative and a mayor who actually care what the citizens want and will work according to the majority.

I want to keep a garden and a nice yard and I do not want to go broke doing so. The city has enough!


K. Oliver

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