“Got A Strong Mayor?”

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A strong mayor protects the citizens from excessive government monopolies and taxation.  Increasing government at the expense of the poor, while using weak moral and scientific justifications is not representative of strong leadership. That’s a sign of weak or highly conflicted leadership.


New Spokane water rates before adding a 20% city utility tax:

The Spokane City Council approved a new conservation-based water rate structure that will charge large water users more per unit of water. Taking steps now to reduce water use can help you avoid a bigger bill this year.

2011 Residential Rate Structure

Step Usage In Units Inside City Rate* Outside City Rate*
1 First 3,000 gal. 1-4 units $0.20 $0.30
2 Next 4,500 gal. 5-10 units $0.45 $0.68
3 Next 6,000 gal. 11-18 units $0.85 $1.28
4 Next 20,000 gal. 19-45 units $1.35 $2.03
5 Use Over 33,600 gal. Over 45 units $1.85 $2.78

2011 Base Water Fees and Charges


Source:  http://www.spokanewater.org/?page_id=273

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