MFS August 2015 Update

The independent police report involving a sheriff car/bicycle fatality in the valley was released.  Private investigators are calling b.s. and it appears taxpayers can expect to pay a large settlement.

Complete 632 Page Report

The above also calls into question the ability and intent of the local press.  Glaring inconsistencies in a basic law enforcement matter is of no consequence, but the County Sheriff standing on a symbol of American Liberty in the imagination of militant liberals is front page news?

Front line Constitutionalists are the elected representatives.  They are sworn to defend the very rights which are being mocked by purveyors of fiction.  Spokane’s major press outlets routinely malign good people and have refused to even report on Tea Party events that were some of the largest political events in Spokane history.

Mike for Spokane contracted with a firm owned and run by a couple of liberals.  They were given $300 and a few quotes from the founding fathers and asked to interview people at a Spokane Tea Party event.   They produced this video documentation of Spokane area people and their opinions about the “Threats We Face.”

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