Mike For Business

2019 MFS 04 Pav

Mike for Spokane does not accept campaign donations related to its own campaigns and the political content found else where on the Mike For Spokane Website.

While Mike for Spokane does not accept political donations itself, Mike For Spokane does provide services to other political campaigns that almost always do accept political donations. Mike for Spokane may be compensated by these other campaigns for creating and managing campaigns, websites, social media content and other campaign related endeavors.

Mike for Spokane also supports the business community by helping feature different companies, products and services as well as providing products & services such as consulting, web & communication programs and other business resources. Mike for Spokane may be compensated for proudly contributing to the endeavors of these for-profit enterprises, including some companies featured here on the Mike for Spokane Website.

~ Michael J. Noder

Mike for Spokane is currently working with the following Spokane Area Companies. Please check them out & support these Spokane area merchants if you are able.