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Mike for Spokane does not accept political donations from any person or organization because of  inherent conflicts associated with money and elected office.

Charity is a different matter and may be a better place for Spokane political dollars.

There is a need for giving in Spokane that is also highly beneficial to our community, but this giving should not be mandated nor handled by government.

Individuals and the business community can manage charitable organizations far better than government with a much better return on our  charitable dollars.

Help Mike for Spokane support the local food banks and Spokanimal.



100% of all proceeds designated for a Spokane Charity, goes to that Charity. Mike for Spokane covers all administrative costs and handling fees.

Those giving $100 or more get a non-partisian, election-neutral Mike for Spokane, “thank you” sign to display in their yard or business during the political campaign.  Signs are delivered and will be picked up promptly after the elections.

If you are going to give political money, consider making it, “For Spokane.” ~  Mike Noder


Thank you, to the following early contributors:

Sam M. -Spokanimal:  $100.

Jeff G.- Spokanimal

Glory G. Spokanimal:  $100.

Jim K.  -Woman’s Shelter

Marla K- Woman’s Shelter  $100.00

Lynda M.- Spokanimal & Food Bank $200.00

Linda A. – Spokanimal $100.00






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