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I would like to thank the Spokane County Young Republicans for hosting this evening’s forum.

I believe the youth of our community offer the greatest hope for correcting the misguided and dangerous course of our government.

I have little hope that either major political party will send candidates that will actually do the job, as sworn, the day they assume governmental power.

 Both major parties have proven again and again they are more concerned with retaining political power than protecting the interests of the citizens.

Since this is a Republican group I don’t think I have to tell you how the Democrat Party has lost its way and increasingly threatens the fundamental protections established under our Constitutional Republic.  But what about the history, actions and increasing threats from our local Republican Party?

How many times have local Republicans trampled the Fourth Amendment, enabled and strengthen government monopolies, restricted  free trade and legislated against our basic constitutional protections?

Some of the biggest government fiscal irregularities in our area  have funneled large sums of tax payer dollars into highly conflicted private pockets, with our Republican leadership deeply involved.

Even now the Republican leadership is engineering utility and tax increases that will extend across the county.   Apparently, requiring citizens to pay two or three times market rates for basic utilities under economy crushing flow-control provisions is justified if a 6% cut of an additional 20% utility tax can be had.

It is this kind of tax grab that has your Republican leadership ignoring obvious environmental threats and misrepresentations by our Regional Solid Waste System.

Any candidate that implies our WTE Plant is a model environmental solution to our disposal needs, does not have any idea how safe this plant is.

The Mayor, City Council, County Commissioners do not know how safe the plant is.

 The SWAC and Liaison Board do not know how safe the plant is.

SCAPCA and the D.O.E do not know how safe the plant is.

This is because the WTE Plant has been largely exempt from state environmental regulations.  This has allowed Waste Management to repeatedly claim a perfect environmental record despite the purple radioactive plume release, various boiler explosions and other unplanned emissions over the years.

There has been no soil testing around the plant for probably 20 years and stack testing protocols have been highly manipulated to ensure Waste Management’s desired results.  Plant workers have actually been allowed to routinely stop testing when results turn up hot, and to the change material feed until they get the results they desire, which are then forwarded to the city and regulatory agencies.

 You do not have to be an environmental extremist to be alarmed by such management and safety threats.

Spokane desperately needs government returned to its proper role of protecting the interests of the people and not those of the political class.

I urge Young Republicans to challenge the current Republican Leadership to adhere to well established Constitutional Principles and to promote the economic freedom so vital to a free people.

I am honored by those Spokane Young Republicans whom are truly working to ensure the “Blessings of Our Liberty,” and those that understand, “eternal vigilance” is  needed here in Spokane.

Thank you, and may God bless our Spokane Community

 Michael J. Noder, August 3rd 2011

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