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Mike for Spokane does not accept political donations.  If you would like to support my campaign for Mayor in another manner or are interested in sign or flyer information, let me know.


Please consider donating to local Spokane Charities instead.



I currently have 750 tickets for the new Sarah Palin Film, “The Undefeated,” showing on August 4th at the Bing Theater.  All proceeds from this event will benefit local  Spokane Charities.

Suggested donation:   $10.00


Special thanks to Mr. David Cebert, Stephen K. Bannon, Dan Fleuette, Victory Films and Arc Entertainment for graciously supporting the Spokane Community.

Sarah Palin The Undefeated

Donations can be made online at Spokanimal and 2nd Harvest Spokane.  Contact MikeforSpokane for ticket information or if you would like to donate to a different organization.

Mike & Lynda  for 2nd Harvest:                            $ 100

Mike & Lynda for Spokanimal:                             $ 100

Sam M.   for Spokanimal                                          $ 100

Jeff & Glori G for Spokanimal:                                $ 100

Dee & Lynn for 2nd Harvest:                                  $   50

Lynda A. Spokanimal:                                               $ 100

Susan W.  $50 to  2nd Harvest                              $   50

Susan W. $50 to Spoanimal:                                  $   50

Helen N. for 2nd Harvest:                                       $ 100

Vann S.  to  Cup of Cool Water:                              $ 100

Steve Salvatori for 2nd Harvest:                          $  100

NE Youth  Center:                                                       $  252

Donations collected, excluding donations direct to charities:   $1,202

Uncollected pledges:       $120