White Wing Extremist Holiday?


For some reason American Exceptionalism has been referred to as a white legacy of hate and bigotry, but independence from Britain and the ensuing centuries of prosperity was never a “white thing.” Slavery was going to end with or without the Civil war, thanks primarily to Alexander Hamilton.

The North had the economic power needed to ensure victory and growing economic advancements and expansion across the new nation was making slavery increasingly a poor business proposition. Alexander Hamilton, a life long abolitionist, was most responsible for the political and economic conditions that had been driving out slavery for decades since his death.  By the time of the Civil War the majority of blacks in the United States were actually free.

The colonies at the time of the American Revolution were multi-cultural, diverse and full of Liberty minded people that built this nation and it’s culture of responsibility, duty and Freedom.

(Paul Revere rode to warn Adams & Hancock. I mistakenly say Madison in the video. ~ Mike)






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